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Prime Overseas Services (P.) Ltd.
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Why Us

Quality, honesty, and reliability are the fundamental pillars of Prime Overseas Services (P.) Ltd. Yes, our first priority is to supply you quality manpower as per your requirement and in time.

Prime Overseas Services (P.) Ltd. specializes in assisting to recruit Manpower for supporting our clients in all aspects of the business start-up cycle from concept to operation. The services of our sincere, honest and disciplined candidates with proven morals and productivity will help boost the businesses of the host companies. Prime Overseas Services (P.) Ltd. has confidence that the Nepalese workforces will fit in and contribute to our client company with the best.

We believe in long-term collaboration. We are devoted to pursue harmonious and fruitful relationship with our esteemed affiliates. We prefer the full satisfaction of our partners to our company benefit.

We are determined to operate with the holy provisions of Manpower Recruiting Services to Foreign Companies complying ‘Right Person to the Right Place in the Right Time’, ensuring that our clients’ needs are satisfied in an efficient and cost- effective manner will also help strengthen the financial condition of the supplying nation as well as of the competent aspirants.